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Tutorial Round Up: Glitter!

I’m a bit overdue for a tutorial round up, aren’t I?! I got inspired to round up some glitter projects but realized that they’re all pretty much the same. Simply covering various objects in glitter. So I will keep this short and just share my favorites. If you know of any unique glitter projects, I’d love it if you shared a link in the comments! :)

1. I love this idea and that it would work on so many different types of shoes!

2. This glitter gradient nail polish is super pretty! It would also look pretty if you put a contrasting color on your whole nail before doing this.

3. I used to love these bracelets when I was a kid! I like the idea of using gold because I feel like I could still pull them off and not look like I’m wearing kids jewelry.

4. This is a fun way to pretty up a boring pair of heels!


Favorite Finds!

I was looking for hoop inspiration (because I’m wanting to retape one of my hoops) and I came across this pretty little thing! :D

I want these so bad! I love glitter and I love fuschia! *drool*

I love this weird little monster from Squirrel Momma on Etsy!

I love pinwheels right now! I would wear this all the time!


Favorite Finds

Once again, I’m lusting after Free People goodies! Everything is just so so so pretty!

I love this skirt! It’s simple but so unique and pretty! The belt with the little pocket is cute too. I’ve been wanting one of those.

I don’t really wear flats very often, but if I were gonna, these ones are just perfect! I love the color and I love the big bows! And these sequin shorts are so fun! ahhh! I’m lusting after them so bad! I’m picturing so many ways to wear them! Must have!

I love the fringy back of this top! Actually, I think I just love fringy anything lately! :P And this outfit is really cute! I love the knotted detail on the front of the top.


Favorite Finds

Ugh! I just saw Free People’s new stuff and now I’m wishing a gift card would fall from the sky and land in my lap! I LOVE Free People! It’s all just so pretty!  Here are some of my favorite things:

Two of my favorite colors! And I love the fringies!

Baby doll dresses are my favorite! I don’t think I own anything plaid. I can’t even remember the last plaid thing I owned, actually. But I love the colors of this top/skirt!

I’ve never wanted a pair of moccasins before, but I love these fringy boots! And ahhh! This is like my dream bag right here! I don’t have a basket for my bike, so whenever I ride, I can only carry whatever I can stuff in my pockets. Not only is it pretty, it’s meant to strap onto a bike! So perfect!

Do you like Free People? What are your favorite things on their site?

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Favorite Finds

I’m taking a break from the themed Favorite Finds that I usually do. This one is going to be a little random! :)

This adorable little plushie, Lenora Love, is from SleepyKing on Etsy!

My frozen feet would really like a pair of these boots right now. Herozen from Blowfish. I ♥ their boots so much!

Succulents! I think they are so pretty! Sometimes I find really pretty arrangements on Etsy.

Yesterday, I saw little Valentines with lemur plushies in them and I thought they were so cute! I can’t find them online anywhere! But I discovered this birthday one that is just as cute!