Tutorial Round Up

♥ I love this knitted foot stool! It looks like something you’d find at Anthropologie but would be so cheap to make yourself! You could even make it bigger and use it as a bean bag type chair.

♥ Here’s a really creative use for old calendars! Turn them into sketchbooks! You could even put in lined paper if you wanted a little notebook. Or maybe even use it as a mini scrapbook?

♥ This is a pretty (and easy to make!) set of lights made with cupcake papers! They’d be adorable at a cupcake party!

♥ Root Beer Jell-o shots! Oh my! These sound so good! I had no idea that root beer vodka even existed! They’re also made with Sambuca, one of my favorite liquors! *drool*

♥ I keep seeing these chalkboard speech bubbles everywhere and they look so fun! I’m happy to have found a tutorial that’s easier than using chalkboard paint!

♥ This tutorial shows how to do lettering with yarn and wire! I wish I had a yarn store. This would make such a cool sign in the window!

♥ This crochet orb makes a really pretty light! It would look so pretty to have a bunch of them in a tree!

♥ Origami lollipop Valentines! Candy Valentines are the best! But these ones would also be fun to make!

♥ I really like these hand painted wood coasters! So pretty! And you could paint whatever you like on them. So many possibilities!

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for including my sketchbook tutorial Julie! I love your Tutorial Round ups by the way! So many fun things to make…so little time!

  2. Awesome links! Thank you :)