Tutorial Round Up!

1. Fabric coil bowls
2. Glue watermark tee - I love this technique using glue and RIT dye!

3. Owl cell phone cozies – free crochet pattern! I made some like these once but never got around to sharing the pattern.
4. Safety pin beaded bracelet. This is an easy alternative to the loom beaded bracelets I posted recently.

5. Light up crochet rug
6. Circle top - I love this style of top! I have two of them and think they’re so pretty!

7. Fringe sleeve t-shirt reconstruction
8. Grass rug – free crochet pattern

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Tutorial Round Up!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a non-themed tutorial round up! I thought themes would be more fun but it turns out, having to pick a theme just makes me not do round ups as often. Lame! Not to mention there are so many cool things I’ve come across that I haven’t gotten to post because of it. I’m sure I’ll still do themed round ups sometimes, because they are fun! But for now, here goes the first of many totally random ones!

1. Tassel garland - I love tassels and need a reason to make this!
2. Painted cork board hoops - I think these would be great to use as inspiration boards!

3. Clay jewelry dish - I need to make a couple of these because I have a habit of leaving jewelry all over my bedroom.
4. Fringe lantern - I love fringe! I don’t have a place for one of these big things but I wish I did!

5. Tin can windsock - for a while, I was obsessed with glass jar crafts, now my thing is tin cans! Making this!
6. Lampshades on a string - plastic cups covered with fabric! So simple an pretty!

7. Floral words - I would love to decorate a wall with this! What to write though? hmm…
8. Driftwood cottages  - These would be so cute in the garden as little gnome homes! :)

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Tutorial Round Up: Easy Quilts

I have a confession to make. I absolutely despise quilt making. Most time consuming, least fun thing I’ve ever made. Seriously. My head hurts thinking about sewing all of those little pieces together. I have so much respect for hardcore quilters – I don’t know how they do it! It’s art and I don’t have the talent for it. BUT! I’ve been seriously wanting a quilt lately. Because they’re pretty. Seeing coordinating fabrics together makes me happy. So I went on a quest to find some quilt tutorials that won’t make my head hurt. And I’m really excited to try one some time soon!

Stripe quilt | Chevron quilt

Sunburst quilt | Ric rac blanket

Simple solid quilt | Simple 4 square quilt

Easy rag quilt | Circle applique quilt

I think I’m most likely to try the stripe quilt first. And the ric rac blanket inspires me to make a quilt with pom pom trim around the edges. I kinda love that stuff!

Have you ever tried to make a quilt? Love it? Hate it?


Tutorial Round Up: Jars!

I’m totally obsessed with making things from old jars. I’ve been collecting (hoarding?) old jars for about a year now and have so many ideas saved! I did a things to make with jars round up once before and it was super popular so I thought I’d do another!

1. Star jars. This is a fun idea for the 4th of July or any day!
2. Time capsule jars! I love this idea! How fun would it be to make one each year?!

3. Color stained jars. These would make really pretty vases.
4. Animal jars. Perfect for candy jars! How cute!

5. Fringe jars. These remind me of a pinata and would make a fun party decoration!
6. Silhouette jars. I love the idea of using a silhouette for a luminary!

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Tutorial Round Up: St. Patrick’s Day!

I get excited about St. Patrick’s day because it’s an excuse for me to dye things green and drink beer! While I was looking for ideas for new things to dye green, I came across some yummy food and drinks to share with you! Enjoy this round up of green, rainbow, or somehow Irish goodness! I want all of it!

1. Lucky-tini jell-o shots
2. Guinness chocolate pudding

3. Shamrock blizzard with Irish whiskey
4. Rainbow cupcake in a jar 

5. Shamrock chips with pot o’ gold dip
6. Green macaroni & cheese

7. Rainbow jell-o shots
8. Mint chocolate chip cookies


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