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Favorite Finds

I feel like this post is more random than my usual Favorite Finds posts but I think it’s all in my head. I’m feeling a little off because I’ve been keeping busy offline this week. I miss making blog posts every day and hunting for fun stuff to post about. But I feel like sometimes I just need to disconnect from the computer for a bit.

oooh! Pretty silky yarn!

I must have this painting! It’s SOOO cute! I love everything about it!

This is such a clever use of glow sticks!

I’m obsessed with raccoons, you probably already knew that! But I love this!

I wish I would have seen this hair style video sooner. I totally would have done it for the 4th too! I have some Glowbys but have never done anything too creative with them.

Here’s a hooping video that got me inspired to practice this week!


What I Did This Weekend – Part 1: The Fair!

This weekend I went to the Orange County Fair! Something I look forward to all year!

The main reason I go to the fair is for the animals. I get way too excited about animals! I really want to steal one of the Budweiser clydesdales! They’re so pretty!

Pizza on a stick! Because you have to try at least one strange type of food when you go to the fair! And I’m not daring enough for most of the deep fried craziness they sell. Deep fried stick of butter? No thank you! Deep fried Oreo? hmm… maybe…

My favorite part of the fair – the petting zoo! I told you I go for the animals! :P

This deer wouldn’t leave me alone and even bit my butt once when I turned away.

Why do I look so unexcited in all of these pictures? I swear I was overwhelmed with glee and wanting to take every one of them home with me! :P

After the fair, we stopped at my favorite brewery and relaxed with one of my favorite beers. We stop there every time we’re in Orange County! I love this place. They serve their beer in jars! Just one of the reasons they’re awesome!

Now I’m anxiously waiting until next month when the LA county fair starts! I feel so lucky to live right between two county fairs. Does anyone else look forward to the fair all year? Just me? :P

What I did this weekend part 2 coming tomorrow! :)


Favorite Finds

This yarn bombed tree is so so so pretty!! I wish I had the extra yarn so I could do this to some tree somewhere! :)

I want to drive this!

I constantly search for hand painted yarn on Etsy just so I can drool over the pictures. How pretty is this rainbow yarn? !

I love this idea of planting little succulents in shells! I need to find some big shells so I can try this!

This kinda makes me want a stack of old tires in my yard.

I obsess over a different LED hoop every week. Right now, I like this one!

They’re soooooo cute!! I want a pet raccoon so bad!

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San Diego Zoo

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re having a very bunny filled day! I’m currently wearing bunny ears and munching on a bag of all black jelly beans! My favorite! :D

I escaped to San Diego for a couple days! I’m back now, and I have cute animal pics to share! I had to go to the zoo because my annual pass is going to expire at the end of next month. :( I’d like to go again, at least once. But I dunno if I’ll be able to. On to the cute animals!

This pretty peacock was stealing the attention from the boring tortoises.

Mini Giraffe! Isn’t it cute?! I want one for my yard! :D I also saw a really cute baby hippo! He was adorable! I couldn’t get a pic though because there were too many people crowded around. :(

The baby panda! He actually isn’t very baby sized anymore. Last time I went, a few months ago, he was just a little fur ball.


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